i-Lock : Antivol pour vélo et selle
i-Lock: Lock for bicycle and seat
Lock for bybicle and bike seat  
Despite heavy and unconvenient bike locks
Antivols et outils Bike lock:


antivol i-Lock changes the rules!
, millions of bicycles are stolen every year.
Millions of bicycles are stolen every year in the world

Now thieves also consider expensive parts like wheels, seat or post...
Stolen parts
Every day!
How many a year?

Bike lock brings an innovative solution:
i-Lock is fixed on your current seat post to transform it into a very convenient bicycle lock to secure bike, seat and rear wheel. 3 in 1!
Bike lock: i-Lock
  • Blocks bike+seat+wheel
    Turn your seat post into a bike lock:
    After installing i-Lock on the bile (once for all):
    1) Remove the seat post, like if you wanted to adjust it.
    2) Insert the seat post across the rear wheel.
    3) Lock i-Lock on the frame.
    i-Lock blocks the bike seat and the rear wheel (can't turn or dismounted).
    3 in1!
    i-Lock is key locked and unlocked in a few seconds with the provided 7 disc double entry keys.
  • Secured installation
    i-Lock is fixed in a few minutes on your current saddle post. When you stop and lock your bike with i-Lock and one of the provided keys, installation screws are not accessible and i-Lock can't be removed from the post.
    If you want to remove i-Lock from your saddle post, you first need to unlock it from the bike with the keys.
  • 7 disc double entry keys
  • Innovating
  • Unique: patent & copyright
  • Composite lock
    Composite bike lock
    The key lock is protected by a very resistant and resilient material. Used in planes or demanding car parts, it's not just plastic and protects against pliers, chocs and traction.

    The hook is made of inox 304 stainless steel and maintained both side for maximum efficiency.
    Compact conception protects i-Lock from classical aggressions and tools, thieves will choose other targets to save time and trouble.
  • Choc absorption structure
  • Military software engineered
  • Simple
  • Always on the bike
  • Compact and light (100g)
  • Easy to operate (10s)
  • Questions / Answers
    Q: Where can I buy i-Lock?
    A: Online on this site or ask your retailer.
    Q: What's the price of i-Lock?
    A: Between a cable lock and a solid U-Lock: 29.90€

    Q: i-Lock fits on my bike?
    A: Ask us or look here:
    and : Compatibility
    i-Lock is installed in a few minutes on the seat post of you bike.
    The seat post must be attached to the frame by a quick release system Attache rapide allowing a fast operation without any tool.

    The diameter of the seat post must be between 24mm and 32mm (all the posts from what we recogn).

    Be aware that some suspended seat posts are not leaving enough room to fix i-Lock. Ensure that you have at least 5 centimeters of free room to install i-Lock.

    During a stop, i-Lock is locked on the frame near the rear wheel. At least one tube of the frame in this area must have a maximum diameter of 2 centimeters (round to almost squary profiles).

    Q: Need to change my seat?
    A: No, i-Lock fits on your current seat post, under your current
    Q: What is the protection?
    A: i-Lock is perfect for minute stops or as a second lock.
    Q: Uninstalling i-Lock?
    A: One need the provided key to open the lock first.
    i-Lock: Locks for bicycles and seats
    i-Lock design changed since this old video.
    Secure - Innovating - Simple
    The bike lock "i-Lock" is compact and light, it fits most of the city and montain bikes bicycle lock - bike locks.

    i-Lock is fixed in a few minutes on the seat (or saddle) post. When you park, simply remove the saddle post from the frame with the quick release quick release, put the post across the rear whell and lock i-Lock on the frame.
    i-Locks blocks the seat, the rear wheel and the bike.

    i-Lock can't be opened or remove from the bike without the key when it's secured on the frame.
    the bicycle lock i-Lock is always available on the bike and very light to carry because the heavy and solid part is already on of the bike : the seat post.

    i-Lock can be your only bike lock (short stops or in crowed and places) or associated to other locks (we recommend a solid U-lock fixed to static point).

    Patented twice, i-Lock (+ model and trademark registrered) received various distinctions from public and professional juries ,


    a worldwide creativity award and an enthousiastic mediatic couverage (national TV, local news, radios
    on TV

    French TV and radio
    , magazines, newpapers...).
    i-Lock is a Cyclinno product from Solidz
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